Hermione is severus and lucius mate fanfiction

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Hermione is severus and lucius mate fanfiction

I reread the entire thing last night and have cleaned up the chapters a bit.

There will probably still be a mistake here and there, but I think I caught the majority. I have also added a new chapter and will be removing chapters that are just updates and not story.

I am almost done with chapter 18 and it should be up sometime tonight. I am back on board with this story and will be working to get it finished up.

I caught hell because I did it in one story and failed to mention in so I'm being upfront. This is a fic with those three characters in it. If you have a problem with this, then I suggest you not read the story. I have put warnings in the summary as well so if you read it and get upset it is not my fault.

Other than that enjoy the story and happy reading. Also, Hermione is of age in this fic. Not even once? Severus looked over towards his newest colleague and rolled his eyes, "As far as I am aware, I have never felt the slightest bit of lust or attraction for a student in all my years teaching.

Lucius laughed, "I think you have Severus. I have seen you look at one in particular from time to time. I've seen the way you look at her, the way you practically undress her with your eyes. Everyone else may be blind, but I assure you I am not and have known you long enough to know when someone has caught your eye.

Severus slumped back in his chair and rubbed his hands over his face. He thought he had remained off everyone's radar concerning the witch. Maybe he was losing his touch. I admire her intelligence. And with the way she looks at us, I believe the feeling to be mutual. If we see what I think we will, I see no problems in having a bit of fun with her, like old times. Severus sighed, "I will look, but if I see nothing, we back off. Our reputation isn't great as it is, adding student violation to that list is not even an option whether she is of age or not, not to mention what it would do to her reputation.

She must be completely willing and prepared to keep everything as quiet as possible. We will meet Friday night and discuss our findings. That gives us a week to see if there is anything there or if I am completely wrong.Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, those belong to J.

This story is for fun only and not for profit. Summary: Three years after a very public break-up with Ron, Hermione is moving on with her life. When she finds love again its more than anything she ever expected. Hermione sighed as she filed the last document of the day. The twenty four year old closed and locked her file cabinet then gathered her things.

For the last four years she had been working as the Spells Mistress for the Ministry. She loved her job. She was the youngest Spells Mistress, having taken over for the very person she apprenticed under. While most Spell Apprenticeships lasted two years, she completed hers in a year.

During that time she also created several new spells. After the war many things were revealed about the Malfoy's; more specifically Draco and Lucius.

hermione is severus and lucius mate fanfiction

Narcissa had received the Dementor's Kiss just before Draco had graduated. Severus asked me to invite you to join us. Lucius grabbed her arm and they stopped walking. Severus is worried and so am I. Hermione sighed. According to Ron, Hermione was a cold, heartless workaholic. She was painted as the bad guy who was after the star Quidditch player's money; what a joke since she made twice as much as he did.

I'll pick you up at 7. We'll, you, me, and Severus, will have dinner then head to the club. Severus stood up as Lucius and Hermione approached the table.

He smiled and kissed Hermione's cheek. It's been a long time since the three of us went out. Lucius was right, it's been three years and I shouldn't keep hiding from the public. After the waitress took their drink orders, Hermione studied her dates. Before the mess with Ron, the three of them used to have dinner or lunch at least twice a week. Albus is still as nosey as ever. He said to tell you hello by the way.

hermione granger & lucius malfoy -- crazy in love ( sofia karlberg )

The students are still dunderheads but not as bad as Longbottom. Dinner was full of laughter and conversation.Severus stood and was about to launch into the facts, connections and destiny as he saw them, but Hermione interrupted his train of thought so suddenly it startled him. All this is new to me, but I remember when Fleur came to Hogwarts and every male around me, student and teacher, was affected by her presence.

So why aren't you affected by me? Her Amber eyes were piercing and bright with intelligence, but there was something else, something …dangerous about them now. He could feel the tension in the room escalate and was, for the first time in his life, at a loss of what to do and why this was so important. He shot a look to Draco; his Godson was tense and his eyes were silvery vapor, his fangs were present and the purring had ended. Draco was now moving slowly, lifting Hermione off his lap to sit her next to him, almost behind him; he never stopped touching her.

If Severus had not already been witness to a Veela coming of age with Lucius 20 plus years ago, he would have been afraid. Draco looked frightening and determined. Lucius made a guttural sound that spoke of authority and places in the pecking order; needless to say the younger Veela settled immediately. Severus returned his gaze to Hermione and proceeded to answer her question, "I created a potion that suppresses my olfactory glands and inhibits the cerebral stimulation that provokes the medial insula, which is associated with 'gut feelings' and part of the anterior cinguate that respond to euphoric inspiration.

She nodded and scooted closer to her mate. She gasped when he picked her back up, placed her on his lap and once again buried his face in her neck this time kissing her softly. He sat her sideways so that her hip was touching his stomach and both of her legs were together over his.

He wrapped one arm around her back and waist. She wrapped her arm around his neck and the other fell flat on his chest. Narcissa started fanning herself and squirming while Lucius had to fight not to spread his wife's legs and immerse himself in her depths.

Once Draco's hand reached Hermione's hip and squeezed she hissed and brought her lips to his in a passionate and intense kiss.

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When she moved to straddle him uncaring of their audience, Lucius and Severus stepped in to stop the display, but paused in thought at the best way to do this. They didn't dare touch Hermione for fear of what Draco would do and they were hesitant to try to move Draco. He was underneath her for all intents and purposes, even if he was still seated, so moving him would be difficult.

After a quick mind meld between Lucius and Severus they decided that Lucius, posing no threat to either of them, would take Hermione while Severus cast the spell again on Draco and then on Hermione.

Before it was executed Narcissa decided she was going to leave. All she could think about was feeling that stretch that Lucius provided. It was disturbing her also, that it was her son and his mate that provoked these sexual thoughts.

She cleared her throat and caught her husband's arm, "I will take my leave now, my love. Come find me when you are available. They waited until they no longer heard the clicking of her heeled shoes and set to the task of separating the two Veelas. By this time, Hermione was indeed straddling her mate, her hands in his hair, her skirt riding high on her pale bare thighs and his hands resting firmly on her bum moving her forward and back in a subtle grinding motion attempting to ease the desperate need to feel her; their eyes unmoving as they gazed at each other.

Lucius acted quickly grabbing her around her waist while Severus pulled his wand casting, first the Petrificus Totalus on Draco before he could react. Hermione screamed in rage as Lucius took two quick steps back holding her tightly and paying close attention to Severus' wand movements. He was not aware exactly when the tides turned and Hermione stopped struggling to get back to the arms of her mate, it was a delayed reaction that registered in his mind only when he shifted his gaze and met her now soul less black eyes level with his grey ones.

She took his shoulders in her small hands digging her claws- literally- into the dense muscle of the tall wizard and growled. Severus finished with Draco and turned to 'harpy Hermione' casting the same immobulus spell on her that he cast on Draco moments before.Please, if you hate our story, just walk away. There is no need to be cruel. We deleted it, as we always do with flames.

It's all about delivery. Be nice! And WHY are you 18 chapters into the second book? Shoo fly! All reviews are welcome. We appreciate constructive criticism. But if your intent is to be hateful and to belittle us, then we will simply delete your vitriol. There are also tons of other amazing stories, authors, and artwork that have been nominated across the board. Lucius paused his swing, the cane frozen in the air beside him.

Adrenaline was coursing through him as he stared down at the woman curled over the whipping bench. Her face was blotchy and red, drenched with tears. Snot was dripping from her nose and her shoulders shook from her sobbing. The gleam in his eyes sharpened as he admired the red stripes across her bum and thighs. If she were on her back, he would see the matching marks across her breasts that were likely already bruising.

The witch inhaled two quick hitching breaths and peeked lightly over her shoulder.

Her look of anguished anticipation frustrated Lucius. Those desperate, milky brown eyes weren't the rich hazel with flecks of gold he was craving. Her body was all wrong; too tall and curvy, voluptuous and soft - not petite and lean. He hissed through his teeth at the satisfying sound of rattan on skin.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words A unique sexual bond and relationship between Draco, Lucius, Harry and Severus and their everyday life.

Rude comments will be deleted. Thank you and enjoy! Dumbledore wanted peace, Voldemort was tired of him, peace was reached. Severus, Harry, Voldemort forced to marry. Beaten and abused by his relatives, Harry Potter makes a wish for a savior. Those who come for him are the last anyone would expect.

A fic featuring Good at least where Harry is concerned! Lucius, Severus, and Voldemort and Evil! Harrison is taken to an alternate universe where there is no Voldemort he's just Tom Riddle a Hogwarts student as is Severus and Lucius, even his parents and their friends. The house rivalry is nothing but friendly competition and Slytherin isn't in the dungeon but its own section of the castle.

Is this strange new world where he can find his happy ending? In a world where the old ways are all but dead and the Dark Lord rules all, two warriors find hope and new life in a young man who plays with magick just as easily as he does with their hearts.

When Harry turns 16, he is shocked to discover that his mentor Severus is in a bonded relationship with Lucius Malfoy—and that Harry himself is a second bondmate to both of them! With Severus's spying now revealed to Lucius, and with the Boy Who Lived revealed to be their mate, how do they move forward? What does all this mean for the war? Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy are 2 parts of a whole its been years and by now theyve given up on finding their 3rd.

That is until they come home from vacation and alas there he is lounging in there living room. How will Harry take to having 2 new mates he didnt even know he had sprung at him? What will Draco think knowing one of his best friends is his dads missing mate? Sev does not work at Hogwarts. Nothing Harry Potter did was ever simple, right?I need to get away. I need to get to my best hiding spot with no one noticing me. Seems like luck is on my side today. I make it to the potions classroom without anyone noticing me.

I closed the door and slowly sink to the floor while starting to softly cry. I wanted to scream and break things, but that will alert dumbledork. You must think I'm crazy right?

I mean who wouldn't trust Dumbledore, only he has been controlling me, my whole life. All of a sudden I hear a door open on the other side of the room. Snape comes in with an angry expression, but it changes to a confusion one when he sees me crying. I slowly stop crying, but that doesn't work. I can stop the sounds, but the tears are still running down my cheeks.

Snape looks away before asking, without a sneer, "What are you doing down here?

hermione is severus and lucius mate fanfiction

You're supposed to be in your dormitories Harry. That shocks me because he just had a curious tons so I say, "Can I stay here for the night professor? I can't stand to be near my Friends at the moment. I sneered at the word friends. Because I don't think of them that way anymore.

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Not after what I found out about them. I watch Snape's look go from confusion to shock back to confusion in a second.

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I don't know why, but I feel that I can trust Snape, so I explain, "Normally I have nightmares some nights or what Voldy is doing at the time. Because he used my blood to bring him back, we can get into each other's mind. Well tonight it dealt with that so I ended up waking at an odd hour. I got my invisibility cloak to go to the owlery, but before I went to the commons, I heard some voices. I didn't want to get caught, so I put on the cloak and started sneaking through ignoring the conversation, except when one said, "I hope Harry wins and marries me.

Then after we're married, I'll kill him so I can inherit everything. I don't even like him, but I'll do it for what Dumbledore promised me. DO you guys agree? Then I just fled to the least likely place they'll look. A lot of things have clicked after I heard that.

hermione is severus and lucius mate fanfiction

So please don't send me back. Snape did something I never expected. He bent down and hugged me. After a few moments I grabbed Snape's robe and start sobbing again. Five minutes after that I spoke again by saying, "Especially don't tell Dumbledore pelase. I need to talk to Voldemort about what I've found out.

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It's some important information.Hermione walked up the long and spiral stair to her private quarters; since she was Minerva McGonagall's Apprentice she got her own rooms, one bedroom, bathroom, a small kitchen, a box study and liveable lounge.

She loved her rooms; she had decorated herself with Ginny's help. Her bedroom was black and red; very romantic and sexy, her living room brown and cream with light oak furniture, her bathroom black and white. She reached the door and ran her wand over the dark wood door and mumbled her password which only a few chosen people knew.

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She walked into the hallway and shut the door behind her; she removed her heavy black cloak and hung it up on the hook.

She then stalked to the sofa and dropped down. She felt terrible; all day she had been fighting the feeling of throwing up. She felt hot one minute and then cold the next; she was ill. She hated being ill, she wasn't good when she was ill. She snapped at everyone, was most unhappy and hated lying in bed with nothing to do. Hermione kicked off her black ballet flats and laid down on her cream sofa and pulled the brown throw over her.

She snuggled up in the warmth and shut her eyes When Hermione next woke she was no longer on her sofa but in a bed; a huge, soft, comfortable bed. Severus's bed. She stretched out and yawned and looked around for Severus or Lucius. It wasn't uncommon for Hermione to bed in Severus's bed or Lucius's for that matter.

You see, she was not only in a relationship with Severus but also Lucius. The three of them, they were one. It had started after Graduation. Hermione was at Hogwarts to start up her research and Severus and Lucius were also there; they had dinner one night all together and got terribly drunk, Hermione then admitted her fantasy of sleeping with both the dark hair man and the blonde haired man.

Both were elated with the young witch's confession and decided they would court her if she allowed which she did and nearly a year down the line they were still together.

Hermione stood from the bed and walked out of the bedroom to find her two men sat on separate arm chairs reading.

She coughed a little to make them notice she was in the room. Both put down their material and looked towards Hermione.

Hermione shook her head and made her way to Lucius. She dropped down next to him and snuggled into his warmth. So she did. She sat beside them both and ate chicken soup.


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